Why Zio's?

We opened our first store in New York in 1996 just outside the United States Military Academy at West Point. We called it The Bagel Cafe and I had very little bagel experience at the time.In 1996 my nephew Nicholas was two years old and had no bagel experience. We were at that location for eight years before we decided to sell it and move to a bigger location. We opened the Baker’s Dozen in Vails Gate New York and a few years later, The Baker’s Dozen Too in New Windsor New York.

Now Nicholas was a teenager and started talking about having his own store one day. In 2010 we decided to sell the store and move to Florida. After the move I only got to see Nicholas a few times a year but the conversation always was “Uncle Jeffrey, we should really open another store together” While visiting New York in the summer or 2020, Nicholas, who was now also a Uncle of two and loving it convinced me to open a Florida location together and Zio’s was born.

People always ask “who is Zio” Well, We are both Zio’s. Zio is Italian for Uncle, and that is where the name came from.

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